# 1 in Latex Designed Mallets   


Encore is connected to excellence. 

Every Encore mallet is assembled with an eye toward quality. Experienced percussionists check for uniform mallethead diameter. Additionally, rattan mallets are checked for uniform shaft diameter and flexibility. These are just a few details that work together to provide a solid foundation for percussionists pursuing excellence.  Contact Encore Mallets, Inc today for your professionally made yarn marimba mallets in Lewisville, TX.




"The natural wool yarn allows me to only hear the sound vibrations; it floats up. I love using them because they produce a very round, wet, and rich tone quality. With Encore Mallets, I can sound my best."

- Nanae Mimura


"Dan Lidster is a master mallet-smith with enormous sensitivity to the various tones mallets can produce. Everything about the construction of my line of mallets - from the cores, to the latex, to the type of yarn - is aimed at helping you to produce a fundamental-rich tone." 

- Nancy Zeltsman


“Encore Mallets have been an integral part of my musical voice for over 15 years. If you demand nothing but the best in sound and build quality from your mallets, you will fall in love with Encore, just like I have!”

- Stefan Griffin



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