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Making world-class mallets since 1982, Encore Mallets, Inc. has worked meticulously to create a mallet that appeals to professionals and students alike. With over 150 different models of professional percussion mallets, Encore offers top-quality mallets to meet the diverse needs of percussionists worldwide. From the Signature Artist to King Gong series, they have the expertly crafted mallet to suit your needs.  

Each mallet is assembled with an eye toward quality. Experienced percussionists check for uniform mallet head diameter, as well as making sure rattan mallets have a uniform shaft diameter and flexibility. These are just a few details that work together to provide a solid foundation for percussionists pursuing excellence.


Experience Creates Excellence

When it comes to crafting excellence, there is nothing better than experience to help develop premium implements that deliver. Encore is proud to team up with world-acclaimed percussionists to offer the exclusive Signature Artists Series of mallets. Each artist’s series helps percussionists provide the distinct sound and feel that captures each artist’s style.

A few artists who have helped forge first-rate Encore marimba mallets:

Nancy Zeltsman Series: Their weighty heads are wrapped in soft Peruvian wool, allowing marimbists to develop consistant warm tones. This series offers eight levels of hardness.

Kana Omari Series: Wrapped in a soft wool in Kana’s color of choice, red, these medium weighted mallets let the gravity do the work for you.

Le Yu Series: A well weighted, tightly wound mallet designed to project through an orchestra.

Always available to help you find your sound is our original Yarn Wound Series. Each is made with a hard rubber core, wrapped in latex and yarn.

Premier Concert Bass Drum Mallets and Timpani Mallets

Each of our premier concert drum mallets is designed to meet the highest criteria of retired Chicago Symphony Orchestra percussionist and Percussive Arts Society Hall of Famer, Al Payson. Encore’s Payson bass drum beaters are available in 3 sizes: sostenuto, rollers, and general. Timpanists are offered mallets in four sizes: staccato, articulate, general, and soft. No matter your instrument of choice, Encore ensures you have the mallets to find and create your sound.

Protect Your Mallets and Sticks

When buying the best mallets, you need to ensure you take every precaution to ensure they are secure and protected while traveling. Covering the full scope of percussionists, Encore offers percussion accessories to help keep your mallets and sticks in top condition. From the Large Concert Mallet Bag to the Marching Snare & Tenor Stick Quiver, Encore has you covered.

Our Mallets in Action

Dr. Doug Walter of the University of Colorado at Boulder sums up our mallets saying:

“The warmest, biggest sound with the best feel in your hands--That’s Encore Mallets!”

Please take time to enjoy some incredible music performed by this, and other talented artists using our top-quality mallets.

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"The natural wool yarn allows me to only hear the sound vibrations; it floats up. I love using them because they produce a very round, wet, and rich tone quality. With Encore Mallets, I can sound my best."

- Nanae Mimura


"Dan Lidster is a master mallet-smith with enormous sensitivity to the various tones mallets can produce. Everything about the construction of my line of mallets - from the cores, to the latex, to the type of yarn - is aimed at helping you to produce a fundamental-rich tone." 

- Nancy Zeltsman


“Encore Mallets have been an integral part of my musical voice for over 15 years. If you demand nothing but the best in sound and build quality from your mallets, you will fall in love with Encore, just like I have!”

- Stefan Griffin



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