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Encore Mallets, Inc. 

For 35 years now, Encore Mallets, Inc. has blossomed into an international force in the percussion manufacturing industry.  We now offer over 150 different mallet models, have several Signature Artists, and distribute in Russia, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, and the United States. Professionals and students alike have come to associate the Encore name with quality.

Dr. Doug Walter of the University of Colorado at Boulder sums up our mallets saying:

“The warmest, biggest sound with the best feel in your hands – That’s Encore Mallets!”

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Dan Lidster




Dan Lidster


As an undergraduate student at Grace College in Indiana, Dan studied with Chicago studio musician Bobby Christian. 

He went on to study with Charles (Charlie) Owen, Sal Rabbio, and Gordon Stout at the University of Michigan. After graduating with an M.M. in Percussion Performance, he relocated to Chicago where he studied marimba with Dr. Vida Chenoweth. With her help, Dan created his Latex Mallets.

“I took a large Guatemalan latex mallet home with me after a lesson and looked for ways to duplicate its sound using the latex I had developed. Dr. Chenoweth was a lady of few words and to the point. When I would bring my mallet back to her each week for critique, her answer was always, ‘not yet.’ Then one day when she finally made the pronouncement, ‘Now!’

 I knew I had successfully achieved the sound she was looking for".